At Riviera Pools, we’re proud to deliver the finest swimming pool results in New South Wales. As a Sydney pool builder, we create refreshing and beautiful backyard swimming pools that our customers and their families love to enjoy. We deal exclusively in concrete swimming pools, and that’s because we believe this is the absolute best option available. It’s not about “cookie cutter” pools that don’t last and can’t give you the features you want. Concrete offers many benefits to the householder considering buying a pool. Thinking of going with fibreglass or another material? Read on to discover 5 great reasons to choose a concrete swimming pool.

1. You can have way more fun with the design.

If you want to get creative with the design of your swimming pool, concrete is the way to go. With this versatile material, you can design the pool of your dreams, changing depth, length, width, and even shape. Our design team can help turn your vision into a tangible backyard creation. This is the material of choice for those who want something special. From small lap pools to giant, luxurious infinity pools, concrete is where it’s at.

2. Concrete is the most durable of pool materials, particularly in warmer climates.

A swimming pool is a significant investment; you want to choose a product that will stand the test of time. Concrete is a well-examined, long-lasting material that poolbuilders have been working with for several decades. Particularly in warmer climates like those in Australia, durable concrete will be around for many years to come. And when you install a backyard swimming pool, you’re adding incredible value to your home.

3. Concrete swimming pools tend to stay cooler.

Imagine jumping into your swimming pool on a hot day. You want the water to be cool and refreshing; a respite from the warm weather and bright sunshine. With a concrete pool, you can have confidence that your pool water is going to remain a near perfect temp. This is not the case in pools made with other materials, which often tend to be overly warm. For pristine temperatures, choose concrete for your home swimming pool.

4. You can go crazy with customisation.

Hoping to have waterfalls, fountains, or other special and unique water features as part of your swimming pool? Concrete has the flexibility in construction to allow for these additions. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of designing your dream pool, and also ensures your creation is a gorgeous aspect of your yard. With water features, your pool is more than just an activity centre, it’s a conversation piece. Don’t forget about the blissful spa!

5. These type of pools are often perceived as more luxurious.

Other options for pool building come and go, but these are most often passing trends. Concrete swimming pools suggest stability and tradition, and because of their durable nature and customisability, they are associated with luxury and quality. For discerning tastes, concrete is sure to please.

When choosing a NSW pool builder, you will want to be sure to select an established company that has a reputation for excellence–and that has plenty of experience in building the pool of your choice. For high quality concrete pools in the Sydney and Wollongong area and beyond, Riviera Pools is the right choice for you.