Do you like to be on the cutting edge of things? Do you wear the latest fashions? Do you stand in line for the new iPhone the day it is released? If you’re a trendsetter or someone who simply likes to be at the forefront of the world, you might want to consider extending this to your backyard. Namely? Your swimming pool. Whether you have a current pool which could use some exciting 2016 updates or are planning to design and install your dream pool, here are some of the latest trends in swimming pool design to give your pool that extra something special.

Gorgeous Wood Poolside

Rare, luscious hardwoods are definitely a major trend in pool design. Deckside, more and more householders are incorporating wood platforms, some directly next to the pool. Unlike traditional decking, these generally serve a different, more aesthetic purpose, and many are using them as beautiful, functional yoga spaces. Get your OM on outdoors and then jump into your shimmering swimming pool.

Pools that Love Planet Earth

The world is going green. More consumers than ever before are seeking all-natural, eco-friendly products that support the environment. This shows up in several trends in the pool design world, including a surge in natural pools, a move towards smaller, more energy efficient pools, and more. The team at Riviera Pools can discuss options with you if this is something on your radar.

Taking the Indoors Outdoors

Your swimming pool is likely one of the highlights of your home. As a central focus point, you probably spend a lot of time outdoors, swimming and lounging by the pool. In line with a new trend, bring the indoors outdoors. It’s popular these days to have an outdoor fireplace, stereo system, and so much more. The amenities that keep you comfortable indoors….why not find a way to bring them outside with you? You’re guaranteed an amazing experience.

A New Entry

Ladders and stairs? Those standard ways to enter a pool are a thing of the past. Nowadays it’s all about what’s unique and fun. Many pool owners are requesting a beach-type entry, where the pool entrance gradually slopes downward as the water grows deeper. This mimics the experience of entering the ocean, and is a great addition to swimming pools for families.

A Touch of Luxury

Poolside patios now have more options than ever, and this year, marble and travertine are all the rage. They keep a cool temperature and are beautiful, reflecting beautifully against the water and generating a hypnotising, lovely effect.

Aggregate pool finishes on pool surfaces are also a new trend. Mixing plaster with small bits of glass beads, quartz, granite, and more, this creates a unique and attractive look which is actually quite hearty.

To Infinity and Beyond

And as ever, infinity pools are still in great demand. If you are looking to have the feeling of a tropical resort in your own backyard, an infinity pool, seemingly flowing on endlessly toward the horizon, can achieve that. Combined with outstanding decor, deck ambiance, and the right water features, you have the makings of a your own paradise. You may never want to leave.

If you’d like any of 2016’s exciting pool design trends incorporated into your backyard, contact the friendly and responsive team at Riviera Pools today.