We’re already a few months into 2017, but the year’s pool trends are rapidly being established. At Riviera Pools, we love the possibilities of pool design. When our customers come to us with a vision, it is our pleasure to make it happen. As well-known Sydney pool builders, it isn’t uncommon for customers to approach us with exciting new ideas, knowing we have a reputation for quality and innovation. Often, these ideas are the product of recent swimming pool trends. In 2017, some great trends are gathering steam—trends that can make your backyard pool even better.

Plunge pools

As the minimalist trend continues, we’re likely to see homeowners downsizing or streamlining various aspects of their home. The swimming pool is a frequent candidate for this trend. Plunge pools, or small pools meant for just a couple of swimmers, are generally deeper than they are long or wide. This allows for plenty of movement in the water, but definitely serves a different purpose than the traditional backyard pool.

Can Riviera Pools install these? We can! We’re Sydney pool builders specialising in concrete pools (a material with flexibility for size & shape customisation), we can create a pool of any size to meet your needs.

Creating your own private paradise

Luxury is where it’s at for many homeowners, and nothing says luxury better than the right pool features. The latest fad has clients installing in-home saunas. Placed near the pool, these additions can create the ultimate spa-like experience. You’ll no longer have to leave home to obtain the ultimate in rejuvenation and relaxation.

The luxury lifestyle is also showing up by the creation of a private backyard paradise. Turn your property into your own resort with a beach-like pool design that mimics the natural shape and qualities of the sea. This trend is hugely popular; the gradual swimming pool entrance looks amazing and you have a perfect excuse to fill your yard with tropical vegetation. An island hideaway!

Travertine stone

There is a wide range of options when it comes to pool decking material. Trends influence what is popular in pool design as well as the chosen deck material. This year, it is poised to be travertine stone. This type of natural stone is very attractive, generally available in gold, light brown, and ivory tones. The porous nature of travertine means it quickly absorbs water, and is therefore an excellent non-slip surface option for your pool deck. In the bright Australian sun, travertine is also a fantastic choice because it remains cool to the touch. A perfect addition to your swimming pool for 2017 and beyond.

High-tech extras

Even pools can get a bit high-tech. One of the leading trends is the automatic pool cover. Reducing the need for traditional hooks and other fixtures, this creates a streamlined appearance for your pool, not to mention a streamlined process. The pool cover is automated—some even are controlled via your smartphone! The best part? It’s a brilliant safety feature for a family with young children.


Move over water features. Fire elements are all the rage this year. These aspects are purely decorative, but can add a dramatic touch to your backyard swimming pool. Fire bowls or fire pits are the most popular options. Guests will love your fire elements, which add excitement and atmosphere. These can be created as decorative points surrounding a pool (such as placed in a retaining wall) or can be a central point around which guests can gather.

Do any of these ideas sound right for your future dream pool? Give Riviera Pools a call to start building your dream pool.