Australia maintains one of the highest per capita rates of swimming pool ownership in the world. With our moderate climate and our easygoing attitude, it’s no surprise that swimming pools are an essential ingredient in the Aussie lifestyle. Chances are, you’re considering joining (or perhaps have already joined) the thousands of residents who’ve added the special joy of a backyard swimming pool to their home. As you dream of days spent lounging in the sunshine and enjoying refreshing dips in the pool, you might also be curious as to how the addition of an inground pool will affect your home’s value. Here are some facets to consider.

Increased Property Value

An important consideration for those installing a home swimming pool is whether or not this will increase the future resale value of their home. In a monetary sense, the addition of a pool frequently does add value to a property, often raising a future selling price by some 7%, according to some sources. But for buyers, a pool can add aesthetic value and personal value that you can’t put a price on. Australians who have their own pool typically estimate their property values to be much higher because they are incorporating their own appreciation of the benefits it gives them and their families. In short, a pool can make an awesome selling point.

A Swimming Pool Should Complement the Property

A pool will only add value to a home if it truly complements the property. When designing your dream pool, you should work with an experienced pool builder who knows how to create a flow between interior and outdoor areas. With this approach, the pool serves as an extension of an already beautiful property, as opposed to taking all attention away from your home itself. To complement your home most effectively, a pool builder can ensure your concrete swimming pool is the appropriate size and proportions for your yard, and can take care to design water features and elements that support the aesthetic. A pool builder will also let you know what designs or features are in keeping with your neighbours’, often an important selling point for future buyers. Your landscaping and pool deck should be part of this design experience.

Proper Maintenance is Vital

Should you choose to sell your home in the future, the best way to be sure a pool has increased your property’s value is to commit to proper pool maintenance. If your pool needs a great deal of repairs or upgrades at the time of selling, this can actually result in your home being devalued. Fortunately, taking care of your pool doesn’t have to be a time consuming or arduous process. With regular maintenance throughout the year and timely upgrades of equipment or parts, you can keep your swimming pool pristine for many years to come. And in that case, you may never want to move at all!

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