Are you currently planning to install your dream backyard swimming pool? Perhaps you’ve already got a pool you love, but you feel there is something missing. No matter what part of the process you find yourself, it’s never too late to go that extra mile and turn your swimming pool into something that says “WOW.” Looking to heat things up? You should consider the amazing investment of a hot tub.

The Beauty of Concrete Swimming Pools

At Riviera Pools, we work exclusively with concrete swimming pools. We think this is the best option when it comes to pool building and it also makes it oh-so-simple for you to incorporate the addition of a spa at any time. These are flexible and totally customisable so you can include the waterfalls, water features, and the blissful, toasty spa that will truly complete your dream pool experience.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

They may go by many names: hot tubs, jacuzzis, and more, but there’s no two ways about it: spas are wonderful. At the end of a hard work day, unwind in the comfortable waters of your spa, allowing the strong jets to massage away the soreness in your tired muscles. The warm temperature and soothing atmosphere can have remarkable health benefits for you, including lowering your stress levels and easing aches and pains.

An “Adults Only” Area

The backyard swimming pool may be well loved by everyone, but some families opt to make the hot tub area a special place for “grown-ups only.” Heading out for your weekly date night? With your own personal spa, you may decide to stay home. Even a typical evening can become more magical and romantic when you relax in the hot tub with that special someone. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and you just may, literally, heat things up with your wonderful new hot tub.

Year-Round Use

Having the addition of a poolside spa is not only great for the reasons listed above, but because it may also help you to maximise the use of your pool. During the cooler seasons, even a heated pool can seem unappealing. But a warm and cosy hot tub? That’s just right at any time of year. Winter nights are made better when you have the chance to sit under the stars and unwind in total serenity.

Still not convinced?

If the image of whiling your cares away in a bubbling outdoor bath hasn’t caught your attention, we’d love to show you some of our options. Adding a hot tub to your existing pool setup or in-progress build is easy, and it will make a wonderful part of your dream pool experience. We also offer an abundance of other water features to help take your pool to the next level. The friendly team of professional poolbuilders at Riviera Pools is waiting for your call.