Less is more. Quality trumps quantity. Size matters. Do these common refrains ring true when it comes to swimming pools?

Installing a backyard swimming pool is an investment that allows you the opportunity to bring more health and happiness to your daily life. In the Australian home, a swimming pool is an integral part of the package: a wonderful asset to the property and a true symbol of the laidback Aussie lifestyle.

When it comes time to design your perfect pool, how will size factor in? Some clients dream of expansive concrete pools that extend across their yard. If you have a large property, this dream can be realised. But what about a more modest landscape? Or when you have a different vision for your personal pool? What then?

Friends, this is when you may want to consider a small swimming pool. Boasting many benefits, a small pool just might be exactly what you and your family need. To help with your consideration, here’s the skinny on small pools.

A Small Yard or a Small Budget …. But With Big Quality

Not every home comes with a sizeable backyard. Does this mean you can’t get a concrete swimming pool? Certainly not! Because of their flexibility, concrete pools can be designed and adapted to fit just about any space. Your pool builder can examine and measure your yard to determine the precise specifications of your future pool. Working with your existing property layout, your pool can fit nicely within the environment, allowing for ample deck and patio space as well.

For some customers, budget is also a concern. If you’re working within a very tight budget, you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to purchase a pool. Instead, your pool builder can help you to choose a style of small pool that will give you all the benefits and enjoyment of a larger one. Smaller pools can even include water features such as fountains and waterfalls, adding a special and regal touch.

Matching a Pool to Your Lifestyle

Sometimes, it’s not yard size or budget which influences a pool buyer’s decision, but their lifestyle and plans for the pool. Families with children often believe they need the biggest possible swimming pool, but end up realising a slightly smaller model would have suited them just fine. After all, kids are excited about pools of any shape and size—their biggest demand might be that you include a waterslide!

How will the pool fit into your lifestyle? Is it likely that only the kids will use it? Medium-sized concrete pools with depth gradation are ideal for family pools. A couple without children might prefer a shallower “dipping” pool used primarily for relaxing and cooling off. Still other pool owners plan to do daily laps in the water, but not much else. In such a case, a small lap pool will be ideally suited to their needs.

For some clients, pools are meant to add a mostly aesthetic touch to a property. There is a clear elegance and sophistication with a small but beautiful swimming pool. This amenity offers many of the benefits of a larger pool, but may enhance the style and environment of the backyard in a more effective manner. A small pool can be the perfect finishing touch to a lush floral landscape.

Entertaining the Neighbours

Still other householders envision their swimming pool as the focal point of their yard, and a fantastic place to entertain guests. If this is the purpose you hope your pool will serve, it’s important to recognise that what you’re looking for may not be a large pool, but a large deck and patio area. At most adult gatherings, the pool serves as the centre point around which the party rotates. For plenty of cocktail parties, BBQs, and other celebrations, a gorgeous, comfortable deck will be ideal. Seating and tables will be of the utmost importance. A small to medium sized pool can fit perfectly into this design, serving as a natural extension of the area, and inviting guests to swim or merely sit by the edge and enjoy the ambiance.

Let Riviera Pools Help!

No matter your budget, yard size, or other “restrictions,” we at Riviera Pools firmly believe in adapting our creativity to meet your unique needs. It thrills us to be able to give our customers the pool of their dreams, even when an adjusted size is necessary. A small pool is a wonderful addition to any home, and you are likely to find it is precisely what you require. Give us a call today to discuss your vision and needs in further details. We’ll help you imagine all the possibilities.