Your backyard swimming pool will quickly become the pride and joy of your home. When you think of a pool, you envision leisure, relaxation, and wonderful memories created with your family and friends. Indeed, all of these things and more are what your backyard swimming pool should be for. But to ensure your time is spent in enjoyment and pleasure, you’ll need to be certain that you have all the safety elements covered. Here are some essential do’s and don’ts of pool safety.

DO Have a high-quality pool gate with a lock.

You might think that young children can be kept out of the pool area with a simple latching gate. However, it is imperative that you not only install a secure gate but that it has a strong lock that a child cannot operate. It is far too easy for a child to push through a gate, even inadvertently. Get a solid lock for peace of mind.

DON’T leave toys and pool equipment on the pool deck.

Pool cleaning supplies and toys left scattered around the edges of your pool present a potential hazard. Both children and adults are in danger of tripping over these items and incurring injury. Young children who don’t often know not to run around the pool’s edge are especially prone to falling in. Keep your supplies and equipment locked away when not in use and when you are using them keep these items in the pool far from the pool’s edge.

*It is always vital to keep pool chemicals and equipment stored securely away from the pool area in a locked cupboard, as these could present risk of ingestion by young children.

DO teach your children to swim.

Around age 4 or 5, many children begin taking swimming lessons. It is generally not recommended to enrol your child in swimming instruction before the age of 4, but at home you should begin familiarising your child with the water from an early age. You can sit with your child in the pool’s shallow end and allow them to splash and experience the water. You can also use flotation devices as an added security measure, but above all, you should hold tightly to your child the entire time you are in the water.

DON’T allow children to swim unattended.

Children of all ages should have responsible adult supervision for the duration of their time in the pool. While it may be ok to elect a designated safety monitor, when children are swimming it is best if several adults are present. With young or new swimmers, adults should remain in the water, ideally within an arm’s length. These precautions ensure a safe and happy swimming experience for everyone.

DO enforce pool safety rules.

While the majority of pool incidents affect young children, the pool can be a hazard to those of any age if not used properly. The adults in your household should decide upon strict rules for pool use. These might include rules such as: do not run near the pool, always swim with a buddy, and only swim during set pool hours. These rules are a smart idea for everyone in the home as well as visitors, but may be especially helpful for older children or young teenagers.

DON’T get caught unprepared.

While pools present some potential for danger, it is possible to swim safely and securely without incident. All that is needed is a little planning. If you have a swimming pool, it is advisable to enrol in CPR courses. You should also regularly review a safety checklist for your pool and be sure to properly maintain gates, fences, pool equipment, and more.

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