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Tips for Caring For Your Hot Tub

Tips for Caring For Your Hot Tub

Tips for Caring For Your Hot Tub In the past, a hot tub was something of a luxury. Nowadays, it’s a poolside essential. Some might even say your dream swimming pool is incomplete without the addition of that steamy water and those bubbling jets. Having a hot tub means you’re more likely to use your pool area year round, and it provides variety for your swimming/bathing activity. After all, there’s nothing like a nice relaxing hot tub soak under the stars.   Taking care ... Read more
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Heat Things Up With a Hot Tub

Are you currently planning to install your dream backyard swimming pool? Perhaps you’ve already got a pool you love, but you feel there is something missing. No matter what part of the process you find yourself, it’s never too late to go that extra mile and turn your swimming pool into something that says “WOW.” Looking to heat things up? You should consider the amazing investment of a hot tub. The Beauty of Concrete Swimming Pools At Riviera Pools, we work exclusively with ... Read more

7 Ways to Save Water in Your Swimming Pool

If you’re the owner of a swimming pool, you may be wondering how to conserve the water in your pool. This is important both for prime pool function and for being respectful stewards of our earth’s resources. Saving water is vital. Only 3% of the planet’s water is freshwater, and only 1% of that is available for human use. In Australia and beyond, water is a scarce resource that needs to be valued and protected. Here are 7 easy ways to conserve ... Read more

Teaching Your Children to Swim

You now have your dream swimming pool. Nothing could be more exciting! Lazy days spent drifting in the water. Sunny poolside barbecues. Fun pool games. It’s time to start enjoying your newest addition with your family. If you have a backyard swimming pool, it will be imperative that your children learn to swim, both so they can fully enjoy the pool and for the sake of safety. So, how should you go about teaching your kids to swim? Very Young Children Many child development ... Read more
Winter Pool

Winter is Coming: Getting Your Pool Ready for the Season

As the mercury starts to fall, it’s time to start thinking about winterising your swimming pool. Failing to prepare your pool for the colder months can result in expensive repairs or fixes after the season has ended. Following the proper steps to treat your pool water and taking the appropriate precautions for care and cleanliness will ensure your pool stays healthy and safe, ready to be enjoyed when summer comes again. Open Year Round? Depending on the climate where you live, you might ... Read more
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Swimming Pool vs. Holiday?

Installing a home swimming pool is a significant purchase for a family. At Riviera Pools, we find the majority of our customers come to us excited and ready to proceed with designing and building the pool of their dreams. As it is a big consideration, however, customers are likely to have a number of questions for us. Many homeowners also feel they need to weigh various pros and cons before deciding to say “yes” to their future swimming pool. One of the ... Read more
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Let’s Talk Infinity Pools

These days, more and more customers are asking about infinity pools. A stunning swimming pool design, the infinity pool is built to look as if the water has no end, extending off into the horizon. Such designs are often found at resorts, where the pool is set overlooking the ocean. Aesthetically, the infinity pool can create a seamless blend between swimming pool and sea. Even if your home isn’t overlooking the ocean, you can obtain that same beauty and tranquility with ... Read more
A Spa is a Great Addition to Your Pool

Why a Spa is a Great Addition to Your Pool

Of all the beautiful and unique water features available for your swimming pool, the one feature our customers ask for time and time again is an attached spa. A spa is a wonderful addition to your concrete swimming pool, and can be easily installed during construction. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons it makes sense to choose a spa to complement your new swimming pool. Variety You love the water, but sometimes want a little variety in your experience. Having ... Read more
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Photos of Dream Pools to Inspire You

Here in the midst of winter, we all sit, snuggled cosily indoors, pining for warmer days of sunshine and play. In just a few short months, summer will be here before you know it, and the time to get outside and enjoy the water will be upon us. What better time to start dreaming and planning for your new swimming pool? We’ve compiled a collection of stunning swimming pool photographs below, to help inspire you and get you excited about all ... Read more

Fun Water Features to Consider for Your New Pool

Now that you've decided to build your dream pool, the excitement and thrill of imagination and design can begin. Installing a concrete swimming pool means there is versatility in design possibilities; if you’re looking for a distinct shape or a certain depth, concrete is the ideal construction material for the job. Best of all, concrete pools have the ability to add amazing water features, giving your pool an extra dose of beauty, elegance, and entertainment. Glorious Fountains Fountains are one of the most ... Read more