In the past, a spa was something of a luxury. Nowadays, it’s a poolside essential. Some might even say your dream swimming pool is incomplete without the addition of that steamy water and those bubbling jets. Having a hot tub means you’re more likely to use your pool area year round, and it provides variety for your swimming/bathing activity. After all, there’s nothing like a nice relaxing hot tub soak under the stars.

Taking care of your hot tub is simple and straightforward. When hot tub care is made a regular part of pool maintenance, it’s even easier to keep your tub clean and functioning at peak. Follow our tips for caring for your hot tub, and you’ll be enjoying your jacuzzi for years to come.

Keep the Water Balanced

A clean spa is a happy spa. One of the keys to hot tub maintenance is keeping the right balance: this applies to pH levels, alkalinity, and more. Basic water testing a couple of times weekly can ensure you’re on the right track. The ideal pH reading is between 7.2 and 7.8. Lower than 7.2 indicates acidity, while a reading greater than 7.8 means too much alkalinity. These can be put back in balance by adding the appropriate chemical treatments.

Check the Sanitiser

Like your pool, your hot tub needs to be properly sanitised. This keeps the water clean and healthy for users by preventing the growth of bacteria. A spa demands extra attention (and increased chlorination) because the higher temperatures create a more hospitable environment for bacteria to grow. Hot water also opens up pores in the skin, which means users are likely more susceptible to being affected by any such bacteria. Check the sanitiser levels with a test kit daily to be certain your spa has the correct chlorine levels and remains sparkling clean.

Clean the Filter Every Fortnight

With your water chemistry in place, you can turn your attention to the hot tub filter. It is recommended that this be cleaned once every week or two. Your water stays clear and free of debris through a well-functioning filter. Cleaning it regularly ensures it can continue to do its job. Remove the filter and cartridge and wash away any dirt or debris. You can do this using an ordinary garden hose or with the help of a specialised filter cleaning instrument.

The Big Drain

When it comes to maintenance, hot tubs don’t require intense attention. That’s good news for the hot tub owner. And with the right preventative maintenance, you should encounter no problems. The biggest task you’ll need to plan for with caring for your hot tub is a major drain and clean approximately four times per year. Every three months, experts recommend draining the tub completely. This gives you the opportunity to perform a deep scrub of the tub itself. Your filter can soak overnight in a cleaning solution. The next day, it’s time to fill your tub and get back to enjoying one of life’s simplest backyard pleasures.

Time for Your Hot Tub

The basic routine maintenance of a hot tub should not put you off. These tubs add so much value — to your home itself and to your everyday life. Simple care and attention each week will ensure you have no issues and are left with a gorgeous tub that’s ready to welcome you.

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