Water Features for Your New Pool

31st May 2021

A swimming pool is certainly a worthy investment to make. Not only does a pool make your property more appealing and valuable, but it also encourages you and your family to have an active lifestyle. But if you want to take your swimming pool to the next level, you might want to consider adding a water feature to it. Whether you’re building a new pool or you want to spice up your old one, a water feature can certainly bring another dimension to your swimming pool. Here are some options you might want to consider.

Water Curtain

Water curtains can make your pool look more attraction. But did you know that they have practical uses, too? They can help reduce the temperature of your whole yard through evaporative cooling. When water falls through the air, some of it evaporates, thus, helping absorb heat in the surrounding area.

Deck Jets

As the name implies, deck jets are fountains that shoot water from your deck or paving into your pool. Similar to water curtains, they help cool down your yard. Plus, they make swimming in your pool a fun experience, especially for the kids. Take note, however, that while deck jets make an excellent addition to your swimming pool, frequent maintenance is essential to prevent clogging.

Feature Or Rockery Wall

A feature wall is basically a wall beside the pool. It has a decorative surface, and in most instances, it may contain plants, flowers, and other water features such as a water curtain or a waterfall. Apart from enhancing the look of your pool, it also offers practical benefits like increased privacy.

A rockery wall, meanwhile, is one of the most attractive types of feature wall. It can be designed in many ways, depending on your aesthetic preferences. For instance, you can add a small stream of water and some foliage. A downside, however, is that rockery walls can wash dirt into the pool so you’ll need to install an extra filter or maintain your pool frequently.

Add Statues

Another way to improve the look of your pool is to decorate your pool with ornate planters or sculptures. Some statues are also fountains which can help reduce the temperature in your yard.

Water Features Suit Almost Any Pool

The good news is you can add a swimming pool feature whenever you like. You can do it while building a new pool or when renovating an existing pool. Talk to your local Sydney and Wollongong pool builder – Riviera Pools – to find out more about the design and installation of your pool water feature.

Water Features for Your New Pool