Pool Building Mistakes To Avoid

19th April 2020
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An important part of any home renovation project is research. You may be looking for inspiration, investigating costs or trying to find the right tradesperson. Along the way, you may also discover mistakes other homeowners have made and advice on how to avoid them. And that’s why we’ve put together this post. Purchasing a new pool is a significant investment and mistakes are costly. Here are the most common mistakes made when designing and installing a new pool.

Poor Pool Design

The best pool designs are those that make the most of the available space while taking into consideration the layout of the land and any existing landscaping. Think about how many people will be using your pool and decide whether you would rather have a small pool with more space left over for a deck or garden area, or a large pool to entertain friends and family. Make sure the pool building company you choose has experience in design as some companies are only skilled in installation.

Prioritising Speed

If a pool building company says they can start your project straight away and have it done in record time, alarm bells should start ringing. If the quoted price is much lower than other companies as well, you should run a mile. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing pool builders that boast speedy installations and the lowest prices. A pool is an investment so it’s always worth placing priority on hiring a pool builder with a good reputation and a proven track record of quality work.

No Budget For Landscaping

If you are working within a strict budget, make sure you factor in ALL the costs of building a new pool plus a 10% – 20% margin for unexpected costs. Landscaping is an essential part of a new pool installation and one that is often overlooked. Decking, plants, fountains, waterfalls, and lighting enhance your pool area and can transform it from a hole in the ground into a tropical paradise.

The #1 mistake? Not working with the right pool builder! When you choose Riviera Pools for your swimming pool design and build, you can have confidence that you’ve selected an experienced pool builder known for their quality work.

Pool Building Mistakes To Avoid