7 Ways to Save Water in Your Swimming Pool

20th February 2020
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With water restrictions in place and severe drought affecting much of the country, water conservation is more important than ever. The good news is that it’s easy to keep your pool running properly and save water at the same time with these simple tips.

Is My Pool Leaking?

Leaks are one of the fastest ways to lose water. Even a small leak can drain a pool rapidly, resulting in litres and litres of wasted water. Inspect your pool equipment regularly for signs of leakage. If you notice your pool’s water level is dropping frequently, you can perform this simple bucket test to determine if you have a leak.

Block Wind With Strategic Landscaping

Increase privacy and block wind (and associated wind evaporation) with strategically placed shrubs, plants, screens and other barriers. Get the advice of a landscaping professional if you aren’t sure where to start

Covering A Pool

Pool Covers can reduce evaporation by up to 95% as well as keep your pool water warmer, minimise algae growth and reduce the need to use pool chemicals.

Lower The Water Level

When your pool is in frequent use over the summer, you will inevitably lose water over the edge, particularly if you have young children. Lowering the water level will prevent excess water loss and increase the effectiveness of the skimmer at the same time.

Minimise Backwashing

Backwashing uses extra water, so minimise the need to do it by keeping your pool and the filters as clean as possible. When you do backwash keep it to a couple of minutes or until the water looks clear and clean.

Use Fountains & Waterfalls Sparingly

Aeration = evaporation so only use your water features when there is someone to show them off to! You will also save electricity by using them sparingly.

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7 Ways to Save Water in Your Swimming Pool