Advantages of An Attached Spa

17th November 2019
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An attached spa is a wonderful addition to any new swimming pool and can be easily installed during construction. If you’re building a new pool and trying to decide between an integrated spa and a portable spa/hot tub, it’s worth doing some research. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it makes sense to choose an attached spa to complement your new swimming pool.

An Integrated Spa Blends Seamlessly

When you choose an integrated spa, you can design it to blend in with your new pool and the surrounding landscape. You can incorporate rocks, water and other natural formations in your garden to create a seamless, flowing effect that is naturally calming.

An Attached Spa Will Add Value To Your Home

Many of our clients are interested in whether an attached spa will add value to their home. The answer is yes. A spa, complete with attached swimming pool and beautifully landscaped surrounds, is always appealing to buyers. More often than not this can help your home sell faster and at a higher price.

Relaxation At Your Fingertips

Spas are well known for their therapeutic benefits. The combination of spray jets and warm water can ease tired, aching muscles and relax the mind. And what could be more convenient and stressless than stepping out into your own yard for the ultimate rejuvenating experience?

Fully Customisable

There are many options you can choose from to customise your integrated spa. Choose from different spa designs, sizes and shapes, or consider a raised spa. Then you have different types of massage jets and bubbling systems available and you can complement your new swimming pools with LED lighting, water features, tiling and landscaping.

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Advantages of An Attached Spa