Let's Talk About Infinity Pools

15th October 2019
Category Pool Building

These days, more and more customers are asking about infinity pools. A stunning swimming pool design, the infinity pool is built to look as if the water has no end, extending off into the horizon. Such designs are often found at resorts, where the pool is set overlooking the ocean. Aesthetically, the infinity pool can create a seamless blend between swimming pool and sea. Even if your home isn’t overlooking the ocean, you can obtain that same beauty and tranquility with your own infinity pool.

The “No-Edge” Appeal

The look of neverending water is certainly attractive and helps bring that resort feeling home with you. An infinity pool is, in many ways, quite similar to a regular swimming pool, but with a somewhat more complex design. An infinity pool can have one or more “negative edges”, or sides that don’t appear to have an end. It’s possible to construct infinity pools of various materials, but concrete, with its versatility in shape, size, and design, is the ideal medium.

Though the infinity pool can have a lovely visual effect in a variety of settings, it is often best suited to a yard that already has some natural sloping. This tends to create a better vantage point for maximising the illusion of “infinity”. Of course, with a little planning and landscaping, any yard can become the right spot for the pool of your dreams.

How Does it Work?

An infinity pool features sides that stop at water level, as opposed to walls that end above the waterline, which you see in conventional concrete pools. Most infinity pools have a single wall in this style, but you can elect to have multiple walls in this fashion, depending on your design. The negative edge walls decline in a downward angle, moving away from the pool, which helps to produce the gentle effect of a waterfall cascading over into infinity.

The water which overflows lands in a “catch pool”, a shorter basin-type structure which is situated beneath the edge, out of sight. The catch pools collect the falling water, re-pumping it into the main pool.

Taking Care of Your Infinity Pool

One advantage of the infinity pool is that aside from maintaining the catch pool, infinity pools typically require less overall maintenance and cleaning than conventional in-ground swimming pools. The waterfall system continually moves the water around, so it doesn’t lie stagnant. This creates greater flow within the pool and provides an instant filtration system. This can make for less general cleaning of the pool itself, including clearing out debris and scrubbing the surfaces. However, leaves and other debris that isn’t cleaned out of the main pool will end up in the catch basin. This means this area will require a regular check and debris removal, to ensure the water flow is able to continue unhindered.

Is it Right for You?

Are you dreaming of flowing waters without end? An infinity pool is an exciting addition to any property but may work better for some homeowners than others. Those with a naturally sloping land and a more scenic overlook will find an infinity pool fits organically into the surroundings. Because such a pool reflects what is around it, you’ll want a well-landscaped atmosphere or stunning views to multiply the effect.

Infinity pools can also be more of an initial cost investment than traditional pools. If your heart is set on a resort-style pool but your budget is limited, you can still create a tropical oasis with waterfalls, fountains, rock walls, and other incredible water features, often for a more wallet-friendly price.

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Let's Talk About Infinity Pools