Swimming Pool Renovation: Is It Time?

19th September 2019
Category Pools

Does your swimming pool need a facelift? Maybe you are looking to improve the design of your pool or perhaps it needs some serious repair work. Whatever the reason for your pool renovation, we’re pretty sure we’ve got it covered below.

Pool Equipment Upgrade

After years of use, its normal for equipment such as the pump and filter to deteriorate. Fortunately, upgrading these to newer models is a straightforward fix, and won’t require major renovation. It’s a good idea to replace cleaning equipment at the same time, and have your pool water analysed at your local pool shop.

Pool Repairs

One of the most common reasons why homeowners require a pool renovation is because of cracked tiles or damaged concrete. Interior resurfacing is a large project but is a relatively inexpensive way to extend the life of your pool.

Complete Pool Remodel

Pool transformations include changing the depth of the pool (making it shallower or deeper), adding ledges, stairs, lighting or putting in an attached spa or water feature (fountain or waterfall). Many homeowners decide to redo their landscaping and deck area at the same time.

How Much Does a Pool Renovation Cost?

A pool renovation can be costly, depending on the work being completed. However, you can feel confident in Riviera Pools’ commitment to providing you with the best possible pricing and a timely service. We are happy to provide a free quote for transforming your swimming pool. Get in touch with us today.

Swimming Pool Renovation: Is It Time?