Teaching Children to Swim

25th June 2019
Category Pool Safety

You now have your dream swimming pool. Nothing could be more exciting! Lazy days spent drifting in the water. Sunny poolside barbecues. Fun pool games. It’s time to start enjoying your newest addition with your family. There are strict pool safety requirements in NSW which all pool owners must comply with. But what about teaching your kids to swim?

In Australia, whether you have a backyard swimming pool or not, all children are encouraged to learn to swim. The NSW Government even offers vouchers for parent to help with costs of swimming lessons. 

But what is the best age for children to start swimming lessons?

Babies and Swimming

You can begin to introduce your baby to water almost straight away (always check with your doctor, nurse or midwife first). You can enrol in a baby swimming class at your local pool, or if you’re lucky enough to have a new pool, you can hop in and start swimming with your baby. The below articles have some great tips for baby swimming.

As children grow stronger and more comfortable in the water, you can begin doing some simple teaching. This might mean helping your children learn to float on their back and practice kicking their feet in the water: the beginning steps toward swimming.

Best Age To Start Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons in the early years are all about water familiarity and safety basics. Around the age of 4 (or the year before school) is the best time to start more structured swimming lessons with a focus on stroke development.

It can be hard to keep children motivated, so don’t be too worried if your children skip a term or asks to change teachers or schools. Other sports often take priority over swimming, but remember that learning to swim is important not only for your child’s safety but is also good for overall health and fitness.

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Teaching Children to Swim