Best Time To Build A Pool

13th March 2019
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When temperatures start heating up, most people think of having their own swimming pool. However, if you start building a pool in summer, it will be late autumn or winter by the time your project is completed. After all, you can’t magically construct a swimming pool overnight. So when is the best time to build a pool in Australia? If you want your pool ready by summer, it’s best to get started now.

Building A Pool In Winter

In summer, most pool builders already have their hands full with enquiries from people who want their new swimming pools ASAP. Also, summer is also the season for conducting swimming pool repairs because of the more stable weather. Therefore, aside from the fact that it’s completely impossible to build a pool in just a few days or weeks’ time, there will be a very limited number of pool builders that you can hire to fulfil your request.

If you want to be able to swim in your new pool when the summer months roll by, it’s a good idea to contact a pool builder by July at the latest. In fact, the earlier, the better since in February or March, many pool builders are offering incentives to attract new clients.

When To Build A Pool

There are a number of factors that can affect your pool building schedule.

Design Plan

Prior to construction, you must have a plan for your swimming pool that details its specifics, including the pool’s size, shape, brand, enclosure, and placement. Also, take note that certain kinds of pools are easier to construct than others. Once you have a concrete plan, it should be submitted to the authorities for approval.

Council Approval

It usually takes up to six weeks to obtain consent from your local council or planning authority. In some cases, it can take even longer, especially when the authorities want more information about your pool. Take note that you’re not allowed to start construction unless you have received approval.

Find A Pool Builder

When you receive the authorities’ consent, it is only then that your pool builder can place your pool in their production timeline. Keep in mind that they may be already working on several pools ahead of yours so it’s recommended that you start the planning process early to ensure that the builder’s timetable will match yours.

How long does it take to build a pool?

In most cases, it will take four months from initial contact to complete the project. However, plan revisions, approval, and other unforeseen circumstances can add weeks or even months to the overall pool design and construction process. As such, it’s best to set aside four to six months for the project, especially if you want to add extensive landscaping to your pool.

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Best Time To Build A Pool