Prepare Your Pool for Summer

4th October 2018
Category Pool Cleaning

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means, right? Time to bring out your swimming pool from hibernation so you can take a dip to beat the summer heat. But before you use your pool, make sure that you make the necessary preparations so your pool is summer ready. Here are some pool cleaning tips to consider.

Add The Necessary Chemicals

Prior to cleaning your pool, make sure to use chlorine and other necessary chemicals, such as algaecide and stabiliser, to ensure that the water is properly balanced. The amount of chemicals you’ll need will depend on how clean the pool is and how often you maintain it. If the water isn’t very clear, you might need to put in extra chlorine.

Clean The Pool

After adding the required chemicals, remove all the leaves and other debris in the pool with the help of a scoop. Then scrub the sides and the bottom of the pool with a brush to remove dirt and prevent the growth of algae. Make sure the pump is running when you do this. This way, the dirt and debris will be pulled into the filter and removed from the water.

Ensure The Pump Is Working Properly

As part of regular pool maintenance you need to make sure that the pool pump, as well as the sand filter and chlorinator are working properly. Inspect the pool pump thoroughly and ensure that the water is flowing through the filter. Check the water pressure as well as it could help you determine if you need to do some backwashing.

Empty The Skimmer Box

The skimmer box helps collect floating debris. It is also connected to the pool hose. Empty it out on a regular basis to ensure that the water flows freely through the filter.

Test The Pool Water

After backwashing the filter, make sure to test the chemical levels.. There are different types of pool test kits that you can use to determine the presence and the amount of chemicals in your pool. Whatever kit you use, make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Test The Salt Level

After winter and bouts of heavy rain, you’d want to make sure that the salt level in your pool is at the right level before you go in a dip. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase a salt test strip kit and do a salt level test.

Now that you know how to clean a swimming pool after winter, it’s time to put the plan into action. And id you need any advice from one of the most trusted pool builders in Sydney, get in touch with Riviera Pools.

Prepare Your Pool for Summer