Common Swimming Pool Problems

25th September 2018
Category Pool Cleaning

With simple and regular maintenance, you can avoid most problems that affect swimming pools. But even the most attentive of pool owners encounters an issue now and again. The key is knowing what to do when it happens.

Are you experiencing one of these common swimming pool problems? Read on to learn what issues pool owners are most likely to face, and to discover the best solutions to tackle those issues head on.

Water That’s Gone Green

Uh-oh. Has your swimming pool water turned a nasty shade of green? Or worse, a dull black? This happens when your chlorine levels have severely dropped and algae has been allowed to grow. Usually, this occurs when regular pool maintenance has not been performed. While discoloured pool water is not a fun problem to have, it can be turned around. It takes some time and a few steps toward pool health.

First, manually remove any debris. Don’t run your vacuum if you can’t see to the pool’s bottom, as this could end up clogging your equipment. Once you’ve removed as much of the debris as possible, it’s time to start shocking your pool. Shock it repeatedly for several days with large amounts of chlorine until you see improvement, and consider algaecide to kill off that pesky growth. Here’s a good visual guide to fixing green pool water.

Excess Debris In The Pool

Is your pool filter not doing it’s job? Chances are, it’s become clogged and cannot filter properly. Turn off your pool pump before proceeding. Clean your filter cartridge, and replace with a new one if needed. If the problem persists, your filter cartridge may be the wrong size for the pool or for the pump. In this case, it’s best to consult a pool maintenance specialist.

Water Level Too Low

It’s very important to keep your pool’s water level at a steady, healthy point. If it falls too low, you run the risk of damaging the pumping system. The pump will burn out if it is pumping air and not water. To solve this concern, you can easily add more water to the pool using your hose, but take note if the problem happens repeatedly and to excess. You will naturally lose some water through daily evaporation, but extreme water loss indicates a possible problem such as a leak.

Black Spots In The Pool

Even a clean pool might develop black spots against its bottom or sides. This is likely black algae and treating it is straightforward. A black-algae-specific algaecide is needed, and you’ll also want to scrub and brush the spotted surface to help break up the algae. You should also test the water’s chemical balance to combat the problem more efficiently and for the long term.

Spots not brushing away? Your spots, whether black or other shades, may be symptoms of a different problem. Consult with your local pool shop for the best approach.

Pump Burning Out

Issues like low water level or overworking your pump can contribute to your pool pump burning out. This is a significant repair that should be avoided at all costs. One key solution is to ensure your pump is primed. While most pumps are self-priming, this means they will reprime after initial proper priming. To prime correctly, you will need to fill the intake with water. Once the pump has started, it will push out air via the discharge, but without a proper water level, it will take in air as well. This is a no-no for your pump.

Solutions? Keep your pool water level high, ensure your pump is appropriately primed, don’t overrun the pump, and be certain the pool pump you’re using is the right size for your pool. Don’t forget to test your pool water regularly too.

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Common Swimming Pool Problems