How to Decide on the Best Swimming Pool Design

15th August 2018
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Designing your dream swimming pool is no doubt the most exciting part of the pool building process. At Riviera Pools, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners choose pool designs that incorporate all their desired elements, and make a fantastic addition to their outdoor lifestyle. We’d love to help you do the same. As you start thinking about your future swimming pool, here are a few things you can consider regarding design.

Pool Design: You May Be Thinking Too Big

One common theme among pool building clients is that they are envisioning a pool that is a bit too big for their property. While you can have an expansive swimming pool that takes up a great deal of your yard, we can assist you in considering slightly smaller alternatives.

Often, a pool that is a bit smaller than you originally planned for turns out to be true to your vision, as you can then incorporate more of the pool surrounds and landscaping that adds those finishing touches. It can also be helpful to remember that depth can create additional space without having to extend the length and width of your pool.

The Purpose of Your Pool

One of the primary influences on your final pool design relates to your ultimate purposes for the pool. A showpiece that is intended to create a gorgeous visual enhancement to your property will be quite different than a pool meant for serious swimming.

  • Family Friendly – A standard pool with fun features is a good option for a family swimming pool. You will probably aim for an ample sized pool of varying depths that is suitable for all ages. Fountains and other water features are lots of fun, and can make your home swimming pool feel like a holiday resort. A sizeable, family-friendly decking area will complete the pool design.
  • No Kids – An adults-only will have different requirements. If you intend to primarily use your pool for exercise, you may choose to install a lap pool. This is a pool option that will demand minimal space and perhaps be the most efficient option for your property.
  • A Touch Of Luxury – Pool surrounds and water features might be your primary focus. For many adults, for instance, the addition of a spa pool is a must. Romantic lighting and lush vegetation can turn your poolscape into a tropical retreat. There are also waterfalls and other unique options to take your pool to the next level.

Heart Set on Something Special?

There are plenty of possibilities for a pool that “breaks the mould.” In fact, one of the reasons we work primarily with concrete swimming pools is because of the versatility and customisation offered by the material. Maybe you’ve got your heart set on an infinity pool, or a pool that gradually increases depth (similar to a beach shoreline), or even an unusual shape. Those ideas, no matter how wild, are a challenge we relish. We’ll do our best to create a design that fulfills your vision.

Whatever your pool goals are, Riviera Pools are the Sydney pool builders ready to make them a reality. Talk to us today.

How to Decide on the Best Swimming Pool Design