Safety Around The Pool

16th July 2018
Category Pool Safety

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a wonderful addition to any home and contributes to a relaxing, enjoyable lifestyle. Your new pool is likely to bring hours upon hours of comfort, refreshment, and joy to you and your friends and family. But while your loved ones are making the most of your beautiful swimming pool, you want to make sure they are swimming and enjoying the pool in complete safety. You can feel more at ease if you establish these five elements (the 5 “S” statements) of pool safety and comply with NSW pool fencing laws.

Secure Gates

One of the biggest concerns with a swimming pool is preventing young children from accessing it when unsupervised. A fence and gate system can keep children out of the area. It’s important to have a gate with functioning latches and locks that cannot be removed or undone by children. Check your gate to make sure all latches and locks are secure, and test the gate to determine if pushing, bouncing, or prodding of the gate could result in it opening. Take actions to remedy these defects if they are present. The gate should also be a fair distance away from the pool itself. A secure gate can make a huge difference in helping keep children safe around your pool.

Safe Fences

While the gates may be a more obvious entry point to the pool, young children can squeeze through gaps in fences as well. Regularly check and maintain your fence to account for any holes, loose or missing panels, or gaps. Always put pool toys away in storage after use and don’t leave these lying around near the pool or fence. Read more details about NSW Swimming Pool Legislation.

Strong Supervision

There is no substitute for adult supervision while children are in and around a swimming pool. Accidents can happen quickly, so having a responsible adult keeping a close watch on kids is paramount. Even adults are recommended to swim with others present for maximum safety. When very young children are using the pool, adults should remain within arms reach. Ideally, your family should learn First Aid skills in case of an emergency.

Swimming Rules

Enforcing swimming pool rules for your home can help keep everyone safe. Let children know there are authorised ‘pool hours’ and that an adult must be present when they wish to swim or use the pool. When having a party or guests, one or more adult should be assigned to child supervision, to doubly ensure that someone is always watching. Other safety protocols should be followed by all pool users, such as tying long hair back and not running around the edge of the pool.

Smart Equipment

You can promote safety by making sure all equipment used in and around the pool is well-functioning and secure. Pool cleaning supplies and other equipment should only be used by knowledgeable adults. It’s smart and safe to store all pool chemicals in locked cabinets. For safety when using pool chemicals, always read labels, wear protective gloves and eyewear, and use only clean containers.

If you need assistance in assessing the safety of your pool and surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact Riviera Pools – Wollongong’s leading pool builder for help and advice.

Safety Around The Pool