How To Winterize A Pool: 5 Easy Steps

18th April 2018

Although the weather is still warm and, according to The Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s latest climate outlook, likely to remain warm into May, it won’t be long before winter hits. If you’re a pool owner, this means now is the time to start thinking about preparing your pool for the winter. We talked in detail about this topic in a blog post a few years ago, so we thought we’d condense the information in this post to give you a quick and easy winterising checklist.

What is Winterizing A Pool?

Although our climate isn’t so harsh that we need to worry about our pools freezing over, we still need to prepare our pools for an extended period without use. Some pool owners decide to keep their pool “open” for the whole year, but most consider this to be a waste of money. The process of winterizing prevents algae growth and water stagnation, so your pool is healthy and ready to use when spring rolls around.

Preparing Your Pool For Winter: 5 Steps

  1. Clean – Brush the walls and floors then vacuum up any leaves or debris.
  2. Balance the water – Ensure the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6 will help prevent algae build up.
  3. Clean the filter
  4. Use a shock treatment and algaecide
  5. Cover your pool – A fully waterproof cover is best

These steps will vary slightly depending on the type of pool you have and the size of it. However, to minimise the amount of work you have to put in at the end of winter, at a minimum you should clean your pool, ensure the water is balanced and invest in a quality cover.

Professional Advice From Your Local Pool Builder

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How To Winterize A Pool: 5 Easy Steps