Design Your Dream Pool

5th April 2018
Category Building Tips

When it comes time to design your dream pool, you may not know where to begin. Or, conversely, you may have hundreds of ideas and visions, but simply need a little guidance. When designing the pool of your dreams, here are some helpful tips and suggestions of ways to help make your dream an aquatic reality!


If you aren’t sure what type of pool you want, start browsing! Looking at pictures online or in magazines is a great way to get inspiration and build your own excitement about the pool to come. Cut out images to show your pool builder or create a Pool Pinterest board. Images can help your pool builder understand what you want and offer suggestions on ways to make it happen or variations that might suit your property better.


When thinking about your dream pool design, it is important to consider the look and layout of your backyard, including vegetation. Also, consider any plans for future structures in your yard, and how a pool may affect those. For example, you may have plans to extend your deck or build a shed, which will affect the shape and size of the pool you choose.


Are you building a pool as a fun, recreational centre for your children? Or is its main use for exercise? Maybe you’re hoping this pool will serve as an aesthetic focal point with water features and an attached spa? Deciding how you intend your pool to be used will help inform your imagination and give the pool builders more to work with as well.


This isn’t the most enjoyable part of planning a pool, but it is essential to consider safety features, particularly if children will be in or around the swimming pool. Consider the pool depth, railings, ledges, and even sight lines to the pool. It’s also smart to think about gates and fences in advance as they play a large part in the appearance of your pool area. Your local pool builder will be happy to advise you on essential safety features.

Now that you’ve got some basic guidelines, get busy and start dreaming of that perfect pool! Contact Riviera Pools, your local Wollongong Pool Builder for more information on making your vision a reality.

Design Your Dream Pool