Building a Poolside Deck? Here are Some Things to Consider

10th November 2017
Category Pool Building

As leading Wollongong pool builders, the team at Riviera Pools has extensive experience designing and constructing decking that enhances and complements your swimming pool. Though your pool is the centre of attention in your yard (and the wellspring of activity) no backyard swimming pool is complete without an accompanying deck. Your pool deck is more than the side platforms permitting you to enter and exit the pool, it also serves the purpose of providing a place to dry off, to place for tables and seating areas, and to keep pool accessories. It can also incorporate decor or additional purposed space such as for an outdoor shower. If you’re installing a pool, you’ll want to take some time to consider your decking elements as well. Your Sydney pool builders at Riviera can help, but you can get started dreaming right away.

What is the Purpose of Your Pool Deck?

The first consideration with regards to your decking is deciding exactly what role it will play. This is tied in closely with the purpose of your pool itself. Do you intend to use the pool for frequent swimming? Will there be plenty of traffic (lots of people getting in and out of the pool)? Is the pool to be used primarily by children (i.e. is significant splashing to be expected)? In such a scenario, your pool decking will serve a different–perhaps more functional—purpose than in other circumstances. Durable decking will be essential, and in the hot Australian summers, a material that deflects heat absorption can create increased comfort for swimmers and loungers.

In an adults only household, where the pool will be most often used as a backdrop for BBQs and outdoor entertaining, the decking design needs may be distinctly different. Perhaps more aesthetic planning will go into such a deck, and will incorporate increased seating and lounging areas. You can discuss your vision with your pool builder, who can advise on the perfect materials, layout, and design to meet your needs.

Materials You Can Choose

As a concrete pool builder, it is very easy for our Riviera Pools team to incorporate concrete decking within your pool design. And indeed, this is the material of choice for many. Concrete stays cooler in high temperatures and is also low maintenance. The texture of concrete also gives it a safe, non-slip finish—all in all a great choice for family swimming pools.

But concrete is not the only option by far. For those seeking a gorgeous dream pool, there are a range of materials that can be included in your pool decking design. Natural wood decks deliver an organic feel that can be both rustic or elegant. Paving and stonework can give your pool area a Mediterranean vibe. Concrete can still be an integral part of the decking if you choose, too, with accents of brick, timber, stone, and tile.

Your Dream Pool Deserves a Dream Deck

The most beautiful of swimming pools are those that are more than just a spot for swimming, but a space that brings bliss and joy to your entire property. At Riviera Pools, we aim to unify the style of your landscape, home, pool, and your decking. A dream swimming pool deserves a dream deck to complement it, and the ideal landscaping that turns your yard into a true paradise. Don’t wait; get started today with planning for an outstanding pool for you and your family.

Building a Poolside Deck? Here are Some Things to Consider