The Average Cost of Pool Upkeep

5th June 2017

A swimming pool is a wonderful, welcome addition to any Australian home. It’s an amenity that provides endless hours of pleasure and delight, with time spent swimming in the water and hours spent relaxing by the poolside. Many first time pool owners are curious about the average cost of pool maintenance. What funds will be necessary to keep your pool in top shape throughout the year? While installing a backyard swimming pool is an initial investment, the later costs prove quite reasonable. Let’s take a look at the typical cost of swimming pool upkeep.

A few factors to consider

Your pool’s maintenance needs will vary based on several different factors, including how often you use the pool, how warm you wish to keep the temperature, and whether or not you have a saltwater pool system. With a saltwater pool, you can avoid the need for chlorination. This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year, but the upfront investment should be considered, especially if you need to convert your pool to salt water.

Heating your swimming pool year round can be a great way to maximise the pool’s use. However, there will be associated electricity costs to keep the pool’s heat source active. A good alternative for those seeking warmer waters is to investigate solar heating options, as these can be good for the environment and for your wallet.

Another consideration is whether or not you plan to care for your pool’s maintenance on your own. Some homeowners choose to outsource pool upkeep to professionals. While this is a viable option, DIY pool maintenance can prove more cost-effective in the long term.

Calculating the average cost of pool maintenance

Having taken the above elements into consideration, it is time to do some calculations to determine what you can expect to pay to maintain your swimming pool.

Depending on your situation, you should plan to spend several hundred dollars per year for your pool. Many estimates put the total figure around $300-800, or $50-150 monthly. Of course, there are many ways to cut your costs and shave a few hundred off of that figure. One of the most important things you can do to save money on pool maintenance is actually to keep up regularly with proper care and cleaning. It is far too easy to let a pool end up in a poor condition, and this can be costly to rectify. Instead, ensure your pool remains chemically balanced (invest in a pool test kit), free of debris, and be certain to run the filtration system for the recommended daily time period. With these simple steps, you’ll find that your pool is simple to care for and demands minimum financial output.

Maintenance is easy

Don’t be deterred by the routine maintenance a swimming pool requires. Once you have your schedule and pattern set, taking care of your pool becomes like clockwork. A bit of attention each week will ensure you experience few, if any pool issues, and will allow you to easily maintain something which adds great value to your property. Ready to get your brand new Sydney pool? Contact your local Wollongong Pool Builders – we are always happy to help!

The Average Cost of Pool Upkeep