Caring for Your Pool While on Holiday

15th May 2017
Category Pool Cleaning

Heading away on an extended holiday? If you own a home swimming pool, you may be wondering how to keep your pool clean and well-maintained in your absence. We’ve laid out this short & simple guide to caring for your pool while on holiday. With just a bit of preparation, you can feel secure with your maintenance decision. Go ahead, enjoy your holiday. When you return home, a beautiful swimming pool will be waiting for you.

Pre-Holiday Prep

To keep your pool in top shape, you’ll want to check every possible aspect before your departure. Check the chemical levels of the water to assess for the right balance. Fill your pool with additional water if necessary to ensure the water level stays high. This is essential for the filtration system to work correctly. Also, be certain you have your normal safety elements in place. Although you shouldn’t expect any unusual visitors, it’s a good idea to double check all gates, locks, and other security elements.

Give it a Shock

One of the simplest ways to care for your pool during a holiday is to perform an extra shock treatment before heading off. This is the ideal solution for a getaway of a week or so. Treat your pool with a significant amount of chlorine (perhaps a double or triple what you’d normally put for the time period you’ll be away). While this is a viable option for many pool owners, you will need to be sure to check the water upon your return—a definite must before going swimming.

Enlist Some Help

Do you have a neighbour who might be willing to check your pool? To prevent excessive debris or the unwanted growth of algae, a neighbour or friend could help you out by checking the pool every couple of days. During this time they can perform basic maintenance, including skimming the pools surface for leaves. They can also be the eyes and ears to make sure everything looks good with your pool.

Consider a Cover

For lengthier holidays, using a pool cover might be the right approach. It’s a nearly foolproof method for preventing water evaporation or letting in dirt and debris. This is a more complicated setup, but once your cover is in place, you’ll be able to leave for vacation with peace of mind. Extended time away may call for a full winterising of your pool.

Invest in a Timer

It’s important that your pool filtration system keep running even while you’re away. To maximise the filter’s work, use a timer to turn it on and off at the appropriate intervals. An automatic timer should run your pool’s filter around 8 hours per day for best results.

Still unsure of what to do? If you have additional questions about caring for your pool while on holiday, our after-sales support service can address any of your concerns and help with spare parts and chemicals. Give Riviera Pools a call to keep your pool at its very best.

Caring for Your Pool While on Holiday