Why the Right Pool Lighting is Essential

27th November 2016
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As you plan for your dream pool, you may be envisioning many of the elements that will create that perfect environment. Water features are a must: from waterfalls to spas to fountains, these additions take your pool from ordinary to spectacular. But one of the most important aspects of an extraordinary pool is one which is often easily overlooked: your pool lighting. As leading Wollongong pool builders, we at Riviera Pools know that our customers love enjoying their pools night and day. With lighting, you can go swimming in the sunshine and then take a refreshing dip under the starry skies. To take advantage of your pool around the clock, the right pool lighting is essential. And the proper pool lighting goes beyond simple illumination. Read on to discover how the right lighting can transform your swimming pool.

Assured Safety With Pool Lighting

The most obvious reason for adequate pool lighting is to ensure the safety of all accessing the pool area. You should incorporate lighting that offers clear views of the pool deck and surrounds. It’s far too easy to encounter tripping hazards in a darkened space. The right pool lighting ensures you can see well enough to easily and safely enter and exit the pool. Of course, the ideal pool lighting can be adjusted to suit the mood and circumstances. Illumination is necessary, but pool owners like you are also looking to design an atmosphere. Using dimmers, colour options, and more, your pool lighting can be a safety feature as well as an integral element of style.

Creating an Atmosphere

Lighting can create magic. A backyard swimming pool should be an intriguing, even romantic retreat. Your expert Wollongong pool builders can design a lighting scheme that enhances your outdoor space and makes your pool truly inviting and serene. The possibilities are exciting. If you’re seeking a nature-inspired, tropical paradise feel, pool garden lighting can show off your lush greenery and add a mystical touch. Perhaps your pool’s stunning tiling is its focal point. Underwater pool lighting options can highlight these gorgeous aspects and bring your guests’ focus to the mesmerising water.

Pool lighting also offers a great opportunity to experiment with colours. Underwater or strategically placed garden lighting can include filters that give your pool and pool surrounds a lustrous glow. Many lighting options allow you to change colours, too, so you can adapt the atmosphere to suit your current mood. Water features look incredible with coloured lighting. A backlit waterfall inspires nothing less than pure bliss; a subtly-hued, steaming spa is the definition of tranquility. The Riviera Pools team would love to chat about your ideas—incorporating light and colour into your pool design is a delight.

The Right Option for You

The proper pool lighting is essential not only for aesthetic purposes, but for practical reasons. There are several different options you can choose when it comes to types of lights and their styles. Seeking a pool that maximises energy efficiency? We may recommend LED pool lights, which are highly energy efficient, durable, and provide plenty of variation. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you may want to consider halogen lights or fibre optic lighting, too. There are multiple options to light up your swimming area, and we’ll happily discuss your options with the goal of finding the ideal solution for your pool lighting needs.

Ready to illuminate your pool in a special way? Whether you’re after a brand new pool build or looking to upgrade your current backyard swimming pool, Riviera Pools are the Wollongong pool builders who know how to deliver excellence. Give us a call and let’s talk lighting!

Why the Right Pool Lighting is Essential