Pool Maintenance is Easier than You Think

11th March 2016

Are you hesitating to install the pool of your dreams? Perhaps what is holding you back is the notion that you’re going to be tied into constant swimming pool maintenance. As a matter of fact, pool maintenance is probably easier than you think. With an emphasis on monitoring and sticking to a regular schedule, pool maintenance can be a breeze. And if you’re still not convinced, just picture yourself sitting next to the glistening water with a cold drink in your hand…while a professional pool maintenance company takes care of your cleaning!

The First Step is Prevention

The most time-consuming and costly aspects of pool maintenance occur when something goes wrong. Much like with human health, prevention is key. In order to keep problems at bay, regularly checking your pool and performing basic maintenance is the way to go. You should remove debris (leaves, etc.) from your pool every day or two to prevent problems with filtration and to keep the water clean. During months when the pool is in use, check the sanitiser levels on a daily basis, and test the pH every few days. The pool’s Total Alkalinity can be checked weekly. These measures ensure the pool remains safe for swimming and stops any serious problems in their tracks.

Keep an Eye on the Basics

Much of good pool maintenance involves simple observation. You’ll want to be sure the water level in your pool stays in an appropriate range. This allows chemicals to balance properly and ensures all pumps and filters work at optimal levels. Although you’ll be testing the chemical composition of the pool regularly, often you’ll be able to maintain the pool visually as well. You will want to scrub the steps, sides, and tiles on a frequent basis to stop the buildup of algae, and to keep the pool water safe and clean for use.

Don’t Forget the Off-Season

Some householders choose to swim year-round, but many opt not to brave the chillier months and seasons. If you are not planning to swim when the weather changes, be sure to winterise your pool. Your local pool maintenance company can suggest the best chemical options to treat your pool. Covering is also a smart way to prevent evaporation and keep out debris. Don’t forget, however, that even a covered, winterised pool needs a little maintenance. You’ll want to check the basics once every week or two to make sure no major issues arise.

Employ Good Equipment

One more simple way to be certain your pool maintenance remains easy and hassle-free is to utilise high quality equipment. The team at Riviera Pools is happy to advise on our favourite options for filters, cleaning tools, and more. When you have excellent equipment to depend on, you can rest easier knowing your pool is receiving the royal treatment.

Ready to take the plunge? You deserve your dream pool. Let’s make it happen. Give Riviera Pools a call today to get started.

Pool Maintenance is Easier than You Think