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Common Swimming Pool Problems

Common Swimming Pool Problems and How to Fix Them

With simple and regular maintenance, you can avoid most problems that affect swimming pools. But even the most attentive of pool owners encounters an issue now and again. The key is knowing what to do when it happens. Are you experiencing one of these common swimming pool problems? Read on to learn what issues pool owners are most likely to face, and to discover the best solutions to tackle those issues head on. Water That’s Gone Green Uh-oh. Has your swimming pool water ... Read more
Best Swimming Pool Design

How to Decide on the Best Swimming Pool Design

Designing your dream swimming pool is no doubt the most exciting part of the pool building process. At Riviera Pools, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners choose pool designs that incorporate all their desired elements, and make a fantastic addition to their outdoor lifestyle. We’d love to help you do the same. As you start thinking about your future swimming pool, here are a few things you can consider regarding design. You May Be Thinking Too Big One common theme among pool building clients ... Read more
Get a pool

Is it the Right Time to Get a Pool?

Is it the Right Time to Get a Pool? Is it time to take the plunge? While there is often no “perfect” time to make life’s big decisions, there are always a few factors that can help you decide if the time is right for YOU. For a backyard swimming pool, several considerations point to a strong YES. Read the items below and decide for yourself if it’s pool time! (Also check out these common mistakes made by pool shoppers so you ... Read more
pool upkeep

The Average Cost of Pool Upkeep

A swimming pool is a wonderful, welcome addition to any Australian home. It’s an amenity that provides endless hours of pleasure and delight, with time spent swimming in the water and hours spent relaxing by the poolside. Many first time pool owners are curious about the average cost of pool maintenance. What funds will be necessary to keep your pool in top shape throughout the year? While installing a backyard swimming pool is an initial investment, the later costs prove quite ... Read more
Caring for Your Pool While on Holiday

Caring for Your Pool While on Holiday

Caring for Your Pool While on Holiday Heading away on an extended holiday? If you own a home swimming pool, you may be wondering how to keep your pool clean and well-maintained in your absence. We’ve laid out this short & simple guide to help you know just what your pool needs. With just a bit of preparation, you can feel secure with your maintenance decision. Go ahead, enjoy your holiday. When you return home, a beautiful swimming pool will be waiting ... Read more
Pool Trends

Pool Trends to Watch for in 2017

Pool Trends to Watch for in 2017 We’re already a few months into 2017, but the year’s pool trends are rapidly being established. At Riviera Pools, we love the possibilities of pool design. When our customers come to us with a vision, it is our pleasure to make it happen. As well-known Sydney pool builders, it isn’t uncommon for customers to approach us with exciting new ideas, knowing we have a reputation for quality and innovation. Often, these ideas are the product ... Read more
Tips for Caring For Your Hot Tub

Tips for Caring For Your Hot Tub

Tips for Caring For Your Hot Tub In the past, a hot tub was something of a luxury. Nowadays, it’s a poolside essential. Some might even say your dream swimming pool is incomplete without the addition of that steamy water and those bubbling jets. Having a hot tub means you’re more likely to use your pool area year round, and it provides variety for your swimming/bathing activity. After all, there’s nothing like a nice relaxing hot tub soak under the stars.   Taking care ... Read more
6 Great Types of Pool Decking

6 Great Types of Pool Decking

6 Great Types of Pool Decking Your dream pool is more than just a wonderful place to swim. For most homeowners, a backyard swimming pool serves multiple purposes, from relaxation and enjoyment to entertainment and atmosphere. At Riviera Pools, we know that your pool surrounds are of utmost importance to creating the ideal environment you envision for your property. Landscaping can contribute to a lush scenery, and retaining walls, lighting, and other elements are influential as well. But a simple way to ... Read more
Wollongong Pool Builders

Building a Poolside Deck? Here are Some Things to Consider

Building a Poolside Deck? Here are Some Things to Consider As leading Wollongong pool builders, the team at Riviera Pools has extensive experience designing and constructing decking that enhances and complements your swimming pool. Though your pool is the centre of attention in your yard (and the wellspring of activity) no backyard swimming pool is complete without an accompanying deck. Your pool deck is more than the side platforms permitting you to enter and exit the pool, it also serves the purpose ... Read more
Wollongong Pool Builders

Why the Right Pool Lighting is Essential

As you plan for your dream pool, you may be envisioning many of the elements that will create that perfect environment. Water features are a must: from waterfalls to spas to fountains, these additions take your pool from ordinary to spectacular. But one of the most important aspects of an extraordinary pool is one which is often easily overlooked: your pool lighting. As leading Wollongong pool builders, we at Riviera Pools know that our customers love enjoying their pools night and ... Read more
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