Merry Christmas 2019

The team at Riviera Pools would like to wish All our clients a very happy christmas  and a prosperous new year. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to working with you again in the future.   

Advantages of An Attached Spa

An attached spa is a wonderful addition to any new swimming pool and can be easily installed during construction. If you're building a new pool and trying to decide between an integrated spa and a portable spa/hot tub, it’s worth doing some research. Let’s...

Let’s Talk About Infinity Pools

These days, more and more customers are asking about infinity pools. A stunning swimming pool design, the infinity pool is built to look as if the water has no end, extending off into the horizon. Such designs are often found at resorts, where the pool is set...

Swimming Pool Renovation: Is It Time?

Does your swimming pool need a facelift? Maybe you are looking to improve the design of your pool or perhaps it needs some serious repair work. Whatever the reason for your pool renovation, we’re pretty sure we’ve got it covered below. Pool Equipment Upgrade After...

Solar Pool Heating Cost: Is It Worth It?

Solar Pool Heating Cost: Is It Worth It? We might be coming to the end of winter, but that doesn’t mean the chilly weather is over. Even when we get into the warmer summer months, pool water can still feel uncomfortably cold, especially for younger...

Concrete or Fibreglass Pool

Concrete or Fibreglass Pool Deciding to build a new pool presents you with a whole range of choices. From the size and shape of your new pool to the best time of year to build a pool, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. You’ll also have to weigh up the...

Teaching Children to Swim

You now have your dream swimming pool. Nothing could be more exciting! Lazy days spent drifting in the water. Sunny poolside barbecues. Fun pool games. It’s time to start enjoying your newest addition with your family. There are strict pool safety requirements in NSW...

Best Time To Build A Pool

When temperatures start heating up, most people think of having their own swimming pool. However, if you start building a pool in summer, it will be late autumn or winter by the time your project is completed. After all, you can’t magically construct a swimming pool...

Swimming Pool Trends 2019

When it comes to swimming pool design, there are many options from which you can choose. To help you build the ultimate pool in 2019 here are a few ideas to get you started.   Swimming Pool Ideas 2019 Lap Pool If your main reason for installing a swimming pool is to...


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Phone - (02) 4648 0643
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