Your home should be your sanctuary. Your respite from the stresses of everyday life. Your portal to bliss and adventure.

As property owners, we often spend a lot of time making sure the interior of our homes are a perfect retreat: clean, organised, and well-decorated. It is very important for a house to be a comfortable space that is welcoming to you, your family, and your guests.

But what about your home’s backyard? Your inviting atmosphere can extend even further, out into your yard where you can create a magical, tropical paradise. And Riviera Pools can help you do it.

First, Your Dream Pool

The first step when it comes to turning your backyard into a tropical paradise is designing your dream pool. As leading Wollongong pool builders, our team at Riviera is ideally placed to help you create your perfect swimming pool vision and then bring that vision to life. Whether you want an impressive infinity pool or a large, welcoming pool that caters to a sizeable family, we can provide your backyard with that essential finishing touch.

Attractive Water Features

Taking your pool (and your backyard tropical paradise) to the next level involves customising your design to incorporate everything you want and more. Many of our customers are delighted by our water feature options. Dreaming of flowing waterfalls, exciting jets, mystical fountains, and other unique elements? Water features take your swimming pool from ordinary to extraordinary.

The sights and sounds of falling water promote relaxation and peace, and choosing the right coloured illumination can create a serene atmosphere. This helps your backyard swimming pool be part of a larger, more sensory experience, and anyone that joins you for a refreshing dip or a simple poolside rest will be completely in heaven.

Gorgeous Landscaping

Your tropical retreat extends beyond the refreshing waters of your pool and into the rest of your backyard grounds. The right landscaping can have a huge impact on creating the space you envision. Perhaps you want to include an abundance of colourful flora, turning your yard into a lush jungle. Or maybe a simple Asian-inspired theme is guaranteed to make you feel zen. In such a case, you might opt for well-defined landscaping with plenty of stone accents to give your yard the overall look you’re aiming for. Whatever you hope to achieve with your backyard tropical paradise, our team at Riviera can work closely with you to make sure your pool, water features, and other elements work in tandem.

Deck Options and More

To complete your peaceful retreat, you’ll want to outfit your yard with the right furniture, decor, and amenities to give you and your guests a fabulous experience. Plenty of comfortable seating to suit both dry non-swimmers and those fresh from the pool will be a great touch. Having a specific area for towels and other accessories can also be useful. And of course, what would your backyard poolside retreat be without the most traditional of Australian additions: the barbecue!

Ready to start designing your dream swimming pool and glorious backyard paradise? Riviera Pools is ready to take your vision and make it your reality in Sydney, Wollongong, and beyond. Get in touch with our team today for further details.