Choosing the right pool builder can seem like a challenge. With such a major purchase on the horizon, the pressure to select the very best for your needs is daunting. Yet, finding an outstanding contractor may be easier than you think. Sometimes, it’s a matter of watching out for the less reputable companies as you identify the right choice for you. As you sort through the options for developing your dream pool, here are a few tips from our team on how to avoid a substandard pool builder.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Are you being tempted by advertisements boasting of cheap pools or super quick builds? A low price can seem alluring, but it’s important to take a closer look at the offer on the table. Designing and constructing a top quality concrete swimming pool is not a speedy process and it always requires a significant investment. Is a potential pool builder claiming differently? If what they are advertising sounds too good to be true, trust your instincts.

Check references and reviews.

To avoid hiring a substandard pool builder, research thoroughly and let a company’s reputation help guide you. Can’t find any reviews or information about a specific pool company online? They may be a fly-by-night operation that is neither well-established nor well known. (Compare that with Riviera Pools, a pool builder that has been working in the industry for more than 35 years).

*You should also check right away to ensure a pool builder is licensed and insured. These are absolute must-haves. Ask for documentation if necessary.

Referrals from acquaintances or reviews sourced on the Internet are very telling. When a consumer has had a poor experience you are highly likely to hear about it, but a positive review says even more. A positive review demonstrates that a business was outstanding in their service and their offerings, going beyond normal standards of excellence. A pool builder with many happy customers is a very good sign.

Shop around.

A swimming pool is a commitment and an investment. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Another way to avoid choosing a substandard pool builder is to shop around. Getting quotes and estimates from a range of companies can be a prime way to sort through the options. A quality pool builder will present a comprehensive quote and contract that is clear and concise. A fixed-price and a specific timeline should be addressed. Beware of a pool builder that asks for an unusually large deposit up front.

Don’t neglect the need for a warranty.

A quality pool builder will offer a fair warranty for their work. Watch out for “pro-rated” warranties and other language that suggests there may be loopholes allowing a pool builder to avoid upholding their end of the warranty agreement. At Riviera Pools, a solid warranty is a standard inclusion with all pool building contracts, and includes a 7 year structural guarantee, a 3 year warranty on surface finishes, and 2 years for filtration and pipe work.

First impressions say a lot.

Meet with each potential contractor in person. What are your first impressions? This can reveal a great deal about a company and can assist you in avoiding working with  a substandard pool builder. The business you choose should treat you with respect and courtesy and be highly communicative and open. Ideally, you’ll work with one contact person. A company that keeps moving you around amongst staff may show signs of decreased organisation and reliability.

Riviera Pools is proud to be known as one of Sydney’s finest pool builders. While we realise we may not be the cheapest pool company in New South Wales, we are not willing to compromise the quality of our workmanship or materials to beat every low-cost advertisement. Our trustworthy reputation was not earned by cutting corners or building substandard quality pools. We conduct business in a way that esteems quality and care, and that always comes across in the exceptional results our customers know they can depend on.